Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Lake Berryessa is just a 30-minute drive from the Napa Valley and one hour and 45 minutes from the Bay area. Why not make the most of your Napa Valley vacation by paddle boarding on Lake Berryessa? We are situated in a cove protected from most winds. Lake Berryessa offers some of the best standup paddle boarding (SUP) conditions, suitable for beginners and the more experienced stand up paddlers. Spend time on the warm waters of Berryessa learning to improve your balance and core body strength with a paddleboard. Not only can this be considered an excellent aerobic workout, but it is also pure fun! Let’s not forget there is little risk of hurting yourself if you fall in the warm waters of Berryessa. Paddleboarding is easy and fun for the whole family and is one of the fastest growing sports in California.

We will give you some easy instructions and some simple rules and regulations to follow and you will be on your way. Lake Berryessa has some beautiful and stunning views. You will most likely see some geese swimming around and osprey and eagles flying overhead. You may even see an Otter or two playing on the shore line. If you paddle right outside our cove you will see the Lake Berryessa Dam and the famous Glory Hole that the water flows into when the lake is overflowing. Lake Berryessa provides a beautiful setting for sightseeing and for enjoying the beautiful lake. There is no more serene way to take in Lake Berryessa’s beauty than from a standup paddle board or kayak.