Reservation Information


  • You Must be 18 with a Driver’s License (from any state or country) to rent or to operate. You may drive if you are 16 or 17 years of age only if your parent is present.
  • To Make a Reservation: You must pay half of the rental at the time of the reservation. This reservation payment guarantees that your rental will be held for you.
  • Cancelation Policy: If you’re not able to make rental, and you call 48 hours in advance you will get a full credit for a future rental. There are no refunds on the reservation amount paid at the time of the reservation. But credits do last forever.
  • Gas: Just like in a rental car, you pay for the gas that you use. We send it out full, and when you bring it back, we top it off for you at the gas dock. You can anticipate your gas to cost you $10-15/hour on a Jet Ski or Ski Boat, or half that for a Patio Boat and even less for a Fishing Boat…as always though, more throttle means more gas.
  • Damage Deposit Reminder: When you arrive you put down the damage deposit for the rental equipment. You can pay this deposit with cash or on a credit/debit card. If you use a credit/debit card, we charge the deposit amount on the card when you check in, and then we void out that charge when you bring the equipment back in good condition. It takes 1 to 3 days for the credit card deposit to be available. The cardholder must be present at start of rental to sign deposit charge slip and do the vessel inspection.
  • Limited Alcohol Policy: We only allow a limited amount of beer or wine, and no hard alcohol on Ski Boats and Patio Boats, and no alcohol on Jet Skis. Safety first, out on the lake is not a safe place to drink too much. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Plan to Arrive 1 Hour Before Your Start Time to fill out the contract, sign up aditional drivers, inspect the equipment, be instucted on the safe oparation of the vessel, and go over the rules of the lake. If you get out early, then that becomes bonus time!


Below is a check list to help you bring what you need to have a fun packed day on Lake Berryessa.

All boat rentals:

  • Towels
  • Sunblock
  • A light sweatshirt for the early morning or evening hours (depending on time of year).

Ski Boat

  • iPod to plug into stereo with auxiliary cords.
  • DRINKS: Bring your own ice chest for drinks and water.
  • FOOD: We recommend sandwiches or something simple and portable.
  • SNACKS: It is better to bring smaller bags of snacks rather than bigger ones.
  • Bags and other items can be stored in the storage compartments and under the seats. Colored bags and napkins will stain the seats.
  • New material can stain. We suggest you wash your new towels, bathing suits and clothing before boating, or they can stain the seats. If you did not wash your swim suit, please sit on a towel.

Patio Boat

  • iPod to plug into stereo with auxiliary cords.
  • Auxiliary cord
  • DRINKS: in a Medium to Large Cooler with ice.
  • FOOD: BBQ! We supply the propane you supply the rest. Make sure meats are tightly sealed so that they do not spill on the carpet. Lightly marinate meats so you do not start a fire. The Patio Boats have enough room so you can bring all your food in a second cooler.
  • BBQ grill and food utensils, plates, napkins, etc.
  • SNACKS: It is better to bring smaller bags of snacks rather than bigger ones.
  • Bags and other items can be stored in the storage compartments and under the seats. Colored bags and napkins will stain the seats, we suggest white or natural materials.
  • New material can stain. We suggest you wash your new towels, bathing suits and clothing before boating, or they can stain the seats. If you did not wash your swim suit, please sit on a towel.

Jet Ski

  • Water shoes (not necessary but it will be more comfortable).
  • DRINKS: One 16 oz. water or soda with tops, plastic only.
  • SNACKS: Small snacks like nuts, trail mix, or fruit.
  • FOOD: Keep it simple, bring a sandwich to eat before or after your ride.
  • SUNGLASSES: Don’t forget your sunglasses strap.


When you arrive at Markley Cove Resort you will stop at the front store to receive your parking map and pick up any last minute supplies. Then you will drive into the resort to the Boat Rental parking lot. When you park, the person paying the deposit and rental fee, along with additional drivers, should go directly down to the office to begin doing the paperwork, additional drivers must come into the office to sign up to drive and have their license available to show us. You must have a valid driver’s license to drive a watercraft. You can have up to 3 additional drivers, more additional drivers can sign up for $5 per person. All drivers must attend the driver training. During that time, the other people in the group are in charge of bringing the food and supplies down from the car to the dock. When the training is done, everyone can load up the boat and off you go. Have fun!


There is No Day Use, Picnic or BBQ area in Markley Cove Resort at our location. If you have a group of people who will not all be on the watercraft at one time, then we suggest the Day Use/Picnic Area at Oak Shores, which is located 25 minutes away by car, and about 25 minutes by Jet Ski or Boat. Oak Shores has a Swimming Area, Picnic Tables, and BBQ Grills (you will need to bring charcoal). Easier than that though, you can rent out one of our pontoon boats, with a gas BBQ and stereo on board, to make the most of your day, and enjoy areas of Lake Berryessa you can only get to by boat.


We typically sell out every weekend in June, July, and August and September. It is always a good idea to make a reservation to get the watercraft that best fits your group and activities. If you don’t have a reservation, give us a call to see what we have available and to go over your options.


Don’t Get Lost! Use the map and directions on our website to find us. GPS and Google maps often take people the long way, or to the wrong destination. If just one person in your group drives separately, and uses their GPS instead of our map and directions, it is likely they will be late and delay the whole group.

  • Please print out the map and directions from our website:


How Do I Make a Reservation?
Call 707 966 4204 or 707 966 4205 and we will make your Reservation on a first come, first serve basis.

Are Life Vests and Ski Vests Provided?
All Boats are equipped with Life Vests for maximum number of passengers per boat. Ski Vests are supplied for people doing water sports, like Wakeboarding, Wake Surfing, Waterskiing or Tubing.

What Guidelines Are There for Children?
All children 12 years old and younger must have a Life Vest on at all times. We have custom fit life vests for kids of all sizes, from infant to large.

How Big Is Lake Berryessa?
Lake Berryessa is 26 miles long by 3 miles wide. Markley Cove Resort and Lake Berryessa Boat & Jet Ski Rentals are located in the large finger which is at the most southeast end of the lake. We are just west of the Monticello Dam and the notorious Glory Hole, where many renters use all their boating time. Traveling to the main body of the lake is seven miles, which takes about 20 minutes at 40 miles per hour. It takes 30 minutes to get to Oak Shores, Steele Canyon Recreation Area or Spanish Flat Recreation Area, and 45 minutes to get to Putah Canyon Recreation Area.

Do I Need a Fishing License to Fish?
Yes, you will need to get a fishing license prior to coming to the lake. You can pick one up at Walmart or on your way up at Berryessa Sporting Goods in the town of Winters.

Where Can We Get Food?
If you’re coming up 505 through Winters you’re going to go right by Subway, Round Table Pizza, Taco Truck, Lorenzo’s Market (which has a deli and groceries), and Berryessa Sporting Goods (drinks and snacks). Markley Cove Resort is 9 miles from Winters, it also has a store with your basic snacks. If you are coming through Napa we suggest you get food in Napa. There is a country store on the west side on Knoxville Road, Spanish Flat Country Store, about 15 miles northwest of Markley Cove Resort.