Honda AquaTrax Turbo Jet Skis

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  • Up to 2 riders
  • 1200cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder with intercooled turbocharger
  • Top speeds up to 65mph

We have Honda’s Turbo-Charged Jet Skis for the more experienced drivers.  They have lots of power with great handling and acceleration.  For an exciting day out on the water, the Turbo should be your choice.  The Honda AquaTrax has a 1200cc turbo-charged engine that gives you a top speed of over 65 MPH.  It’s a real thrill to ride a true muscle craft.  The handling is smooth through sharp turns, and the fast acceleration will keep any thrill seeker coming back for more.  It’s easy to imagine you are one with the machine.  There is a strap on the seat, and two handles below the seat for the passenger to hang on to. They’re great for two adults, up to 400 pounds total, or one adult and two small children. We recommend this model for the more experienced riders, because it is a little less stable and a wetter ride than the Yamaha VX110.

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