Jet Skis & Waverunners Rentals

In the jet ski world, jet skis are also known as WaveRunners or Sea-Doos – depending on the manufacturer. But they’re all jet skis raring to go!

Lake Berryessa Boat & Jetski Rentals offers the best rentals both in quality and price.  Our jet ski rentals and waverunner rentals are well-maintained and we have lots of them for your awesome weekend at the Lake.  All of our WaveRunner and jet ski rentals hold up to three people.  We allow up to two adults at a time, or two adults and one small child.  We have no rev-limiters on our jet ski rentals like some other rental companies. Ours all go from 55 MPH to 65 MPH. So you can go as fast as you squeeze the throttle.  If you have never tried jet skiing before, any one can do it!  They are very stable and lots of fun.  For the adrenalin junkies in the group, we recommend the Turbo Charged Honda Aquatrax Jet Skis.  They cost a little more, but when the Turbo kicks in you better be holding on while the adrenalin starts flowing.

*Now renting waverunners and jet skis to customers 18 years of age and older.*

Yamaha VX110 Deluxe Jet Skis
Lake Berryessa Boat Rentals
The VX110 is the most comfortable, best selling PWC of all time.  Powerful enough for teh expert, yet stable enought for the beginner.Capacity:  Up to 3 riders

Yamaha VX110 Cruiser Jet Skis
Lake Berryessa Boat Rentals
The VX110 Cruise is nearly identical to the VX110 Deluxe.  It has upgraded seating for a more comfortable ride and support.Capacity:  Up to 3 riders